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We are a One Stop Solution wrapping 360 degrees restaurant needs, powered by machine learning, Artificial intelligence and Cloud-based solutions bundled into a user-friendly application to transform the experience of running your restaurant into a piece of cake.

Our customers typically see a 20% growth in sales within their first year. Now is the time to join the growing list of independent businesses that choose One-O-One to handle their everyday needs.

We Provide complete Restaurant management software and packs, all bundled together in a single package so that you don't need to pay anything extra for additional packages. Please have a look at the benefits you'll get post signing up..!

No Different Pricing model. We have just one package and all the features are bundled in a single package, Isn't that AMAZING..?

Pay when you're completely satisfied. YES, you heard it right, we provide our software demo version to clients as long as they're not comfortable using it. You only pay once you're satisfied.

We have the easiest layout, so no more tacky buttons or hidden features. We have the most User-friendly software design which means, it is completely training free. Anyone can use the software with any external help. Apart from that, we have a kickass support team, who'll guide you at every point whenever you're stuck. And all these services are provided even in the demo period. We don't distinguish between our paid or free clients.

No matter what you do, we're there for you. You can always count on us, our restaurant management consultants can even guide you, from achieving operational efficiency to menu designing, we've got it covered.

We're on a mission to make YOUR Restaurant completely paper free.

How we plan to achieve that, you ask?

The server directly takes orders on a mobile app which inturns are displayed on the Kitchen Display System where the order is displayed directly on the screen without the need for manual KOT.

All this at no additional cost, you just need to pay for the hardware.

Yes, you can thank us later. 🙂

no paperwork. ever.

whether it's bills, reports, inventory, stocks, we've got it covered for you.

We know it's not easy to run a Restaurant and manage everything on your own. That's why we've come up with a solution to help the new age restaurateurs to work smart and always 3 steps ahead of the competition.

schedule a free demo today and start using the software FREE OF COST. YES, you read it right.

We are certain, once you use our software services, you can't go back.

From Billing to payroll, from offline to Cloud, from notepads to paperless, from hectic to peace, and last but not the least, from NONE to ONE-O-ONE.

restaurant pos system that is designed specifically for Indian restaurants.

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